Shooting Snøhetta

R&D had the pleasure of filming interviews with the global architecture and design firm Snøhetta, in their new Lower Manhattan office space. The videos are part of an exhibit about the firm, currently on view at the Danish Centre for Architecture. Below: Craig Dykers, Claire Fellman and Jeff Cheung.


Coming Soon: 7115 by Szeki


A sneak preview of the concept behind our upcoming release - an online video for the New York-based fashion label, 7115 by Szeki.  This diagram served as a guide for us to think about blocking and action.  Online soon!

Behind the Scenes of ANNIE with Microsoft


In his process of making "Annie", director Will Gluck used a variety of Microsoft tools and products, and also included the world Microsoft makes possible in the movie.  Inspired by the Microsoft Envisioning Center, Gluck gave his characters lives that are seamlessly integrated with digital connectivity.  Footage shot by R&D shows Microsoft products both behind the scenes and in front of the camera on the set in Annie, and is featured in videos at the Microsoft News Center - take a look here!


GROUNDED featured on The Architect's Newspaper


The Architect's Newspaper blog featured another one of the videos R&D made in collaboration with GLUCK+.  Grounded offers a look at life inside a lakeside retreat in upstate NY.  The article also provides an in-depth analysis of the elegant and complex screen facade and curtain wall behind it, all of which contribute to the houses's integration with the land and lake around it.  Check it out on the A/N Blog.


NKdsgn at Electric Zoo NYC 2014


Our newly released video for NKdsgn takes a step into Network Portal, an architectural experience immersing the crowds of Electric Zoo in a tunnel of sound reactive LED light.

Commissioned by T-Mobile as part of the #MUSICFREEDOM campaign, the vision for the T-Mobile Network Portal is to create an experience that simulates what it would be like to move through T-Mobile's data network.  

See our video on NKdsgn's website, and while you're there check out other great work coming out of the studio - including the 3-story astronaut which floated over the crowd at Coachella 2014.


R&D at Electric Zoo


R&D spent the weekend shooting at Electric Zoo, NYC's Electric Dance Music festival, to document the experience of NKdsgn's architectural installation for T-Mobile: a tunnel made of LED lights.  Video coming soon!

Back to School for R&D

Based on the success of previous videos made by R&D with GLUCK+, Taubman College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Michigan commissioned a video with the same collaborative effort behind it.  We worked with GLUCK+ to create a 25-minute video on how buildings are built, which will be used as part of the undergraduate architectural curriculum.  

How a drawing is translated into a building is a complicated process, and the dirty of details of construction tend to be absent from a student's education in architecture.  "Building a Symphony" attempts to remedying that.  Taking a close look at five building trades -- excavation, concrete, steel, rough carpentry, glazing -- students watch how the abstract representation of a building on paper becomes a physical, built thing in the world.


UP IN THE TREES featured on The Architect's Newspaper


Up in the Trees is a video we made in collaboration with GLUCK+, the NYC-based Architect Led Design Build company that designed and built the incredible house upstate, of which the video is the focus.  The form of the house is awe-inspiring, but as discussed in the video, it's shape actually comes from the architects' functional and sustainable impulses.


STACKED unleashed on NYC Real Estate Blogs

The timelapse video we made in collaboration with GLUCK+, as part of their current Upper Manhattan development The Stack, has seen a lot of play on the blogs this week.  The video is succinct visual demonstration of the efficiency and ease offered by the process offsite construction -- when a building is built in pieces in a factory, and then trucked to site for assembly.


Creating a Video-Focused Website with GLUCK+ and Pentagram


R&D worked with Eddie Opara and his team at Pentagram on the new GLUCK+ website.  We collaborated with GLUCK+ to create the film components and with Pentagram on how to craft the videos most effectively in the context of the website. Pentagram's post about the project includes a video demonstration of the site, featuring work by R&D, as well as their redesign of the GLUCK+ brand: