An online narrative explores the New York City architecture firm through its projects and process.

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GLUCK+ is a NYC-based firm that uniquely integrates design and construction. R&D worked as part of the GLUCK+ team, collaboratively conceptualizing and creating over twenty videos that tell the story of Architect Led Design Build. Videos document finished buildings, discuss the broader process of ALDB, and also focus on single elements that make the Architect Led Design Build process so powerful.

Up In The Trees

A video about a house perched in the canopy — a gesture as whimsical as it is rational.


A video that follows the journey from the city to a lakeside retreat.

The range of videos explore GLUCK+ projects as well as the unique design and construction process behind them.

Thinker Maker

A video about the origin of the design / build divide.

The Stack

Video in which 64 units are built in a factory in Pennsylvania, trucked to Upper Manhattan, and assembled.

Several videos focus on architect-led design-build workflow — sometimes on a broad level, other times explaining a single detail that makes the process unique.

Building Matters

A video discussion among the GLUCK+ principals about how their experiences on construction sites influences how they design.


A video explaining the translation of a drawing to site.