Buildings are made to move through.

Video conveys not just what a building looks like but its experience, as conceived deliberately by the designers behind it.

From creating a moving portfolio of built work to adding value to property, R&D work with clients in architecture and real estate by first learning and understanding their unique objectives, and then crafting videos that help achieve them.

Case study:


Objective: Communicate what makes GLUCK+ different than other firms—their unique incorporation of construction into the design process—to appeal to potential clients and also inspire the next generation of architects.

Upon their 40th anniversary, Peter Gluck and Partners transformed into GLUCK+ to honor what lay at the heart of the company but which had not been the focus of their brand: an innovative team of architects that also embrace construction.

Alongside design agency Pentagram, R&D worked as part of the GLUCK+ team to help develop and articulate the story of Architect Led Design Build. The result was a new website which featured 20+ two-minute videos.

Each video honed in on a single objective, such as conveying the culture of the office, explaining why a specific project was designed the way it was, or articulating one of the many aspects that makes the Architect Led Design Build process unique.

The successful campaign led to media attention, interest from new potential clients, and invitations for the GLUCK+ partners to speak about Architect Led Design Build to students and the architectural community at events around the country.

The Stack

A video in which 64 units are built in a factory in Pennsylvania, trucked to Upper Manhattan, and assembled.

Up in the Trees

A video about a house perched in the canopy—a gesture as whimsical as it is rational.

Building Matters

A video discussion among the GLUCK+ principals about how their experiences on construction sites influences how they design.

Thinker Maker

A video about the origin of the design / build divide.


A video explaining the translation of a drawing to site.


A video that follows the journey from the city to a lakeside retreat.